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In my office – working on a usdz animation.

I’m based in Sydney Australia, and these days I would probably describe myself as AR mobile/web technologist. For past several years I have been focussing on core technologies mainly in the areas of machine learning & augmented reality. I view both of these technologies as the most likely to change the shape of the way we use computing in the next few decades.

My Recent History

After completing a number of machine learning courses between 2015 & 2016. I set myself the task of building a quantitative financial modelling tool using the R programming language and Shiny ( a web framework for building responsive R based, single threaded, web applications using a shiny server).

The stock analysis tool, fetches historical stock prices from both Google & Yahoo Finance API’s. The tool is still running on one of my test web servers and is a feature rich stock analysis tool (screen shot of the tool below).

In early 2017, I took a closer look at mobile apps and how I could incorporate them into my own web-based tools,  & took my first steps building mobile apps in swift. After the release of the swift Arkit framework in June 2017, I concentrated my focus on mobile AR apps for iOS. Whilst the apps I were building were useful in their own right, I knew for AR to really take off & become mainstream with a much larger audience… you would need a solution whereby you didn’t need to download an app from the Apple app store. With the release of the USDZ file format in June 2018, a new file format for AR had arrived and its universal appeal for web developers. Whilst USDZ can’t be viewed currently in other major browsers like Chrome or Firefox yet, support is likely in the future due to the open source nature of the file format. If this happens soon, USDZ will likely become a central  file format for AR deployment on the web. For this reason, I have been working daily with this USDZ since its release in June 2018. In that time, I have been collaborating with others AR enthusiast & early USDZ adopters…  steadily building up an in-depth knowledge & expertise on the file format & its AR 3D capabilities.

Therefore, If you need professional help, guidance or collaboration with the USDZ framework I’m your man.

I can help with any part of the USDZ pipeline. From creating the 3D models, animations to hosting & deployment of 3D models in iOS apps or via web-based content management system.

To take USDZ to its full potential, requires a good knowledge & understanding in the following areas:

  • 3D file formats such as OBJ, STL, ABC, DAE, FBX, GLTF, USD
  • Custom command line 3D conversion tools
  • 3D Authoring software exporters
  • Xcode & iOS AR frameworks
  • UV MAP texture map creation (Color, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Emissive etc)
  • Understanding of how Physical Based Rendering works or PBR.
  • Understanding of animation keyframes including bone animations, poses etc.

I am also able to leverage my earlier working with the Arkit/Scenekit framework whilst moving forward with USDZ.

You can read more about the capabilities of these Arkit apps I have developed here.

In the past few months I have worked on a number of different USDZ based commercial projects for clients in the tourism and digital marketing sector. A recent project for Saudi Commission of Tourism can be viewed online here.

Please check out my AR Quick Look Gallery if you haven’t already, which showcases my 3D modelling & animation skills.

Contact email support@fusionar.app